While some companies are always working closely with structural engineers, other people may wonder, just what exactly can a structural engineer do for me? If you’re not familiar with the construction business, then here are just 10 ways that a structural engineer can help you!

  1. Got hairline cracks from possible settlement? Let an engineer give you their professional opinion.
  2. Want to remodel but don’t know if that wall is load bearing? Our engineers can tell you right away.
  3. Have damage to your home from a recent storm? Our engineers will assess damage and provide repair solutions.
  4. Have an already built porch from 10+ years ago that suddenly needs a permit? No worries, ORB can get you as-built drawings for permit in a flash.
  5. Need calculations for the tie-downs of your modular unit? ORB can handle those!
  6. Got a big project-new house or new business-and need plans for construction? From beginning to end, specialty engineers and architects can get you the blueprints to make it happen.
  7. Want to add something new to your property-shed, porch, pool? Engineers are the designers to get the project started.
  8. Buying or selling a home? Engineers can provide a full inspection and let you know what areas to be concerned about.
  9. Did something go wrong during construction? Was a load bearing beam cut or a truss removed? Engineers will assess and provide repair solutions, so you don’t have to worry.
  10. Need a retaining wall for a pool, landscaping, or a lake? Engineers know how to design the perfect wall for your project.

There are so many more ways that structural engineers impact everyone’s life. While the projects on the list above come up a lot, ORB can handle all your structural engineering needs. Give us a call today to discuss your next project!

More to come soon.

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