01/05/2022 - General

Most memorable engineers

What are some engineers that till this day we still remember? What exactly did they do to keep their name memorable to us? You may recall the name of

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01/03/2022 - General

Why should I choose ORB Engineering?

Our ORB company is surrounded by a diversity of employees that love working with each other. Not only will this make the process 100-times smoother with someone

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01/01/2022 - General

Becoming an Engineer in different locations

If you are thinking of becoming an engineer, make sure you see what state you plan on working in because that may shape your mindset and may even end up opening doors of opportunity that you never knew could open.

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01/12/2021 - General

The Engineers Impact On The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid -19 pandemic had a massive impact on the whole world....

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01/11/2021 - General

Influences Of Engineering

Influencer culture may be a new concept that has popped up with the development of ....

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01/10/2021 - General

2021 Project Problems And How We Solved Them:

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” ? Scott Adams

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01/09/2021 - General

What Engineers Wish You Understood Before Starting A Project

Here at ORB engineering, we do many kinds of projects such as....

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01/08/2021 - General

How Much Do Engineers Really Impact The World?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what if’s? Like what if ways of transportation did not exist? What would happen if certain species went extinct?

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01/07/2021 - General

Where It All Started

As people, cultures, and communities grow, individuals stand out by trying to work on things that will .....

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01/06/2021 - General

Self Healing Concrete

Concrete has existed for more than 2,000 years and yet it has been one of the most used.........

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01/05/2021 - General

Engineering quotes-Quotes from/about Engineers

Sometimes as engineers we can get caught up in the design and calculations for each project. It can be...

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01/03/2021 - General

Changes to the Engineering Code

Every few years, the national and local building codes are changed based on the developing technologies, standards, and...

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