As-Built Building Without A Permit!

As-Built Building Without A Permit!


The biggest mistake you can make is start building without a permit, here is why!

If you have ever built something without a permit, we have tons of as built drawings that we have provided to clients due to not having a permit. You may wonder, what if I get away with it? What if the city never finds out? There have been over 100 clients, here at ORB that have called whether they just got caught in the middle of building something, or 10 years after not getting caught the city finally gave them their notice! Not only will you have to pay for drawings and site visit, you have to make sure that what was built is up to code. If your addition, porch, or carport is not up to code, you may have to make changes, or even worse, demolish it and start all over. This will lead to not only taking up more of your time, but money as well. You may think you can get away with even taking down a wall in your house because they can not see beyond the outside walls, but when it is time to sell your house, the new buyers need to know that the house is structurally stable and safe. This can cost you both time and money as well. If you decide not to tell the buyer about any changes that had been done to the house, they could even sue you in the future for damages. Lastly, this may lead to disciplinary actions and fines in the future if it is not handled correctly. You may get a limited amount of days to fix the issue, and if it not completed by then, you may be taken to court and see if you can either get an extension or have an obligation of demolishing it.

Not sure where to start? We can help you with as-built drawings! ORB starts all as-built projects with pictures. Once we have pictures from you we can assess the condition and let you know our recommendations. Next step is a site visit, so we can take measurements and see what type of structural connections you used. It is best for whoever built the structure, be that you or your neighbor, or the handyman, to be present at the site visit so they can answer technical questions about how they built it. We will always draw the structure up to code in order for you to get a permit. However, if the structure is not up to code, you will have to do the recommended changes in the field prior to applying for a permit. This is because the building department will actually send a building inspector to your house to make sure the structure matches the plans. It is important to have your as-built structures up to code, not just to avoid more fines from the building department, but as a public safety issue! Nobody wants their neighbors poorly built carport to come flying into their home during a summer thunderstorm, and that is exactly what can happen if things are not properly built.

Do you have anything that you have built in the past that doesn’t have permitting? Give us a call to get started on your as-built project today!