Engineering Failures

Engineering Failures


Sometimes, things go wrong in engineering and construction. While none of the following designs are by ORB Engineering, we can all still enjoy a laugh at these design mistakes. This is why ORB Engineering has multiple layers of quality control to make sure you do not end up in a situation similar to these!

1) I don’t think this is what the owners meant when they said they wanted shade for their car. Let’s hope that these homeowners only drive motorcycles or a small smart car. I find it hard to believe a regular sized car or truck would be able to park inside this garage.

2)Maybe if your looking at this building next to you, you wouldn’t realize that it has a lot of similarity with the shape of a toilet. If this picture wouldn’t exist, the only people that would find humor to this building would  probably be any helicopter or plane pilots!

3)We can’t help but wonder, who was this ramp made for? What did the client ask for? Usually ramps are suppose to help people have an easier way of getting from point A to point B but this is a tricky one. Maybe it is just for exercise!

4)Most of the times, bridges are used so that people can get across a body of water but in this case, it seems that the engineers just wanted the bridge either for decoration or they just didn’t want to touch the cement that is existing there.