How Much Do Engineers Really Impact The World?

How Much Do Engineers Really Impact The World?


Do you ever find yourself wondering what if’s? Like what if ways of transportation did not exist? What would happen if certain species went extinct? In this blog we will be answering the question, what if engineers did not exist? Would it really matter?  Would the world look much different?

In a previous blog, we learned that engineering didn’t really come into play up until the 1500’s. What would the past look like without the engineers back then. An engineer’s main role is to basically challenge themselves every day and think outside of the box. This means that they must come up with ideas that others have not come up with and how to make that idea come to life. Their ideas are the one that help it happen and make the world evolve.

 Back in the days, engineers were the ones that began using their techniques to build castles, churches, and more. They had so much knowledge to create new ideas from different perspectives that may also solve any problems we have now or that may come. People in the past already lived without electricity and no technology so it would be easier for them to adapt to no engineers for a day. But what about now? Would we be able to see a world without engineers and their knowledge?

New developments from healthcare have improved due to engineers. These engineers are labeled as biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineers have used their knowledge to invent useful technology such as ultrasounds, MRI, and more! Did you know that in 2020, these engineers are finding out a way to use three-dimensional printing by using CAD to create models? Bioprinting is being used to explore ways by making living tissues and organs so that one day they will be able to use it as organ transplants. With that being said, these are only some examples of how biomedical engineers have made the world evolve. Of course, without this technology that we have now, it would be harder to detect what problems a patient may have. This would lead to more people dying in a day. Engineers are literally saving lives.

Transportation has also been one of the categories where engineers have made an impact. Other than the roads that have improved over time due to engineers, transportation like bikes, trains, elevators, highways, planes, ships, and bridges were all developed by engineers. Transportation would not be as easy as it is today. Walking would be our main method of getting around, leading to fewer job opportunities, and fewer resources and access to food and utilities from all across the world.

Just to add a few more examples, if you can live without a clock, electricity, clean water, computers, or air conditioning, than your world wouldn’t be changed too much. But so many things developed by engineers make our lives better every day. Maybe things would move along just fine for you if rocket engineers didn’t exist, but if you cant see your world without these few couple of things then you should hope that this day never comes up. But just consider some ways that aerospace engineers DO impact you: they design aerodynamic cars to use less fuel and save you money. They designed sensor and control systems that have found their way into everyday life, such as sensors on cars to prevent accidents. The sensor technology developed for spaceships was used to develop the sensors on pacemakers.

These are just a few examples of how engineers have impacted our world every day. We would love to hear your point of view of how Earth would be now without our engineers.

More to come soon.