Hurricane Season is Around the Corner

Hurricane Season is Around the Corner


Are you prepared? Do you think you will need a structural engineer?

Florida has also been known for the state the gets hit with the most hurricanes. What does this mean for Floridian’s homes? If you did not know already, Florida homes are designed to be built differently so that when hurricanes come by during that season, we can be ready and safe in our homes. A hurricane can wipe out a conventional home in just seconds, but if you build it using concrete, blocks or bricks, you have a much higher chance of having less damages or maybe not even any.

Florida code states that homes must build with a minimum miles per hour (MPH) wind speed depending on where in Florida your house is. For instance, Miami and the surrounding cities require protection and needs to withstand a minimum of wind that goes 150 mph, vs in the center of Florida, the minimum requirement is only 100 mph. These calculations are needed not only for the safety of your family but also those that live around you.

What if your house gets hit by an object, such as a tree or maybe even a leak in the roof?

You may need a structural engineer to determine whether or not your house is still stable due to the conditions. First, an engineer needs to be called on a site visit to inspect the damages area. If he or she thinks that the house structure is no longer safe, then a structural engineer can provide you plans on how you can repair the damaged section of the house so it will be safe and up to code.

Before the hurricanes have a chance to hit, you can prepare yourself in advance. Make sure you are ready for the season by double checking your house. Take a look for any cracks or rotting that could be worsened by excessive rain. Also, don't forget to double check your trees to ensure there is no rotting or weak branches that could be worsened in hurricane winds. Lastly, if you have any damage incurred as a result of the summer storms, make sure you give ORB a call to assess the damage and provide repair solutions!

Have you ever had an engineer check out damages after a hurricane? If so, what kind?