Most memorable engineers

Most memorable engineers


What are some engineers that till this day we still remember? What exactly did they do to keep their name memorable to us? You may recall the name of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most famous painters, but did you know that he was also known an engineer? Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a self-taught engineer.

Till this day, Leonardo da Vinci holds the title for painting the most famous painting, but he also wrote the most expensive owned book till this day! He would write daily in his notebooks with his engineering talents, sketch pictures, and record observations on how he understood how each machine worked and how if he combined them, it would create an invention no one has ever used before. A couple of examples of his work are the parachute, diving suite, military weapons and more!

Henry Ford was an American Automobile Manufacturer, who was full of knowledge since he was a young boy. He would take apart watches and would build them back up. He started out on a farm to support his family.  It wasn’t until 1890, when Ford was hired as an engineer for the Detroit Edison Company, that he really got his big break. If he was not working, he was putting his effort into building a gasoline-powered horseless carriage. He completed a “Quadricycle” in 1896, which he ended up selling. After many years of hard work, he invented the Model T in 1908 that led to revolutionizing the automotive industry that we know of today.

Since we are in the topic of cars, another person that you may not have known was labeled an engineer is Elon Musk (1971- today). Not only did he find the spacecraft company SpaceX, but he is also the chief executive officer of the electric car makers Tesla. With no engineering background, Elon was able to create and direct his team on his own original ideas. As the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk guides all the engineering, product design, electric vehicles and more!

After seeing what these past engineers have done, what do you think the next most memorable engineer will do to earn that same title?  The future is full of questions and possibilities, and with all the provided information from these past engineers and their research, I know that it will be epic!