Top 3 Engineer Projects that Could Change the World

Top 3 Engineer Projects that Could Change the World


As the world keeps evolving, so do engineers all around the world! This year has barely just got started and there is already many exciting projects to look forward to. With each developing year, new changes and trends show up that really shift the way we approach engineering. A trend that started in the 2010s, tiny homes, has really taken off. ORB has been involved in many tiny home projects-whether its converting a shipping container into a house, designing modular style tiny homes, or purchasing pre-manufactured tiny homes from China and getting the permitted in Florida. Here are some of the changes in engineering that we see going on in 2021.

One of the projects that will stand out and will shape our future is The Las Vegas Convention center tunnel. This project has been announced completed as of last year by Elon Musks Boring Company. This Transportation will be faster, with more than 4,000 people per hour. They plan on opening one of these tunnels to the public this year! In an interview, a professor of civil and environmental engineering who studies underground tunneling for transportation mines, Marte Gutierrez, he believes that this could work. “The cost of the tunnel goes up almost exponentially by diameter,” he says. “By making the tunnel smaller, you not only reduce the cost, you make it faster.”

Something else that we will all have to be on the lookout for is NASA’s next Mars rover will carry a tiny helicopter, named Ingenuity, that will fly over Mars. Ingenuity’s objective is an engineering one: to demonstrate rotorcraft flight in Mars’ extremely thin atmosphere, which has just around 1% of the density of our atmosphere on Earth. Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California knew it was theoretically possible to fly in Mars’ thin atmosphere, but barely any were sure whether they could build a vehicle powerful enough to fly, communicate, and survive autonomously with the extreme restrictions on its mass. This helicopter is estimated to land on Feb.18, 2021. You might want to keep your television on for this one since it will be live streaming.

The last cool new trend in engineering developing in 2021 is Artificial Intelligence, AI, in manufacturing. Engineers will now be developing ways to incorporate AI to reduce product defects, automate quality control, and streamline maintenance. Engineers can design around eliminating inefficient manual processes. This is something both highly automated manufacturers and  less automated manufacturers can benefit from. McKinsey, a consulting firm, believes that manufacturing industries are only really using 20%-30% of AI data and analysis available to them. It really has been limited to the larger, industry-leading companies. They state that by using AI in more engineering and manufacturing, far more complicated and bigger amounts of information can be processed and used in manufacturing operations and across the supply chain.

We love staying up to date with the latest tech and innovations to engineering. With over 45 years of experience, our principal engineer knows how to incorporate the solid and reliable solutions of the past with the innovation of the present to give you the best product available. Whether your building a bridge, tunnel, or tiny home, ORB has got you covered.

More to come soon.