Where It All Started

Where It All Started


As people, cultures, and communities grow, individuals stand out by trying to work on things that will benefit others and shape the world for the better. Whether it is the way you build something, the way you learned how to cure someone, or just by solving problems by inventing something better that will make people’s lives easier.  In this blog you will read about how and where engineering started and how things have slowly changed since it began.

Engineering actually kicked off with the Romans in the ancient era. One of the earliest engineers known was named Imhotep. Not only did he design but he also supervised the construction of the Pyramid of Djoser which it was located at Saqqara in Egypt. The pyramids he had designed were built without any use modern engineering such as wheels or pulleys. Engineering surfaced with both the use of mathematics and science to be the solution to problems and would figure out how things work. Not only did it solve obstacles, but the first engineers also used engineering to reshape their environment by making improvements on ships, roads, and even bettering their cities.

Another example of some ancient engineering was the Roman aqueducts. These aqueducts, built around 312 BC, were a way to bring water into the city for easier everyday use. Aqueducts moved water through gravity, on a downward grade, within tunnels of stone, brick, or concrete materials. While we don’t necessarily have the names of the designers, we do know that the Roman emperors are the ones who ordered they be built, rulers such as Augustus, Caligula, and Trajan. It was not until Ancient Greece that civil engineers ended up developing military and civilian domains; they built unique projects like railroads, water supply, and sanitation systems.

After time went by, in the 19th century, civil engineers started working on projects such as computers and automotive engineering. Computer engineering began in 1939 with engineers John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. They developed the world's first electronic digital computer using their knowledge in physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering. Alan Turing was also developing a computer of his own in 1939 to break the coded messages coming in during WWII. Automotive engineering got its start in the late 1800s in Germany and France. The first gasoline powered car was invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1885 and the first electric car was actually invented before that, by Robert Anderson in Scotland in 1832. In the USA, Henry Ford was the founding father of the assembly line, innovating car manufacturing everywhere.

 Many different types of engineer fields ended up surfacing during different time periods. Engineer fields such as medical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and many more!

So why do we need engineers now you may ask?

Engineers are evolving with their creativity and their knowledge. The world is changing, and the engineers are the ones that are the ones behind it all. If you come across any houses, cars, or even bridges, you are looking at something that was worked on by an engineer. Engineers effect our everyday lives in little ways, such as rain going down a drown instead of pooling up on the road, or in bigger ways, like designing the phones and computers we can’t survive without.

ORB can’t wait to see what the future holds for our company and any new coming engineers.

More to come soon.