Why should I choose ORB Engineering?

Why should I choose ORB Engineering?


Our ORB company is surrounded by a diversity of employees that love working with each other. Not only will this make the process 100-times smoother with someone speaking English or Spanish, but it is easier not only for the clients, but for the engineers as well to understand what the client really wants. Our engineers are always willing to talk to our clients about any questions that they have about their project, unless they are occupied at the moment, even then, they will give you a call back. We value every client that decides to bring their project to ORB.

As much as we like working with our clients, here are a couple of things that may help us provide you with our best service. We encourage our clients to send pictures that will help our engineers know what your project needs so that this process will be as smooth as possible not only for us but for you too. We know that money can be tight, so try sending us as many pictures as possible to get the most accurate quote. Most likely this will help you avoid a site visit fee. In many cases, an engineer is not needed to go to your house to start a project. But if you have already started building or have already built a structure, then a site visit may be required. Once an engineer has looked at your project, whether it is in person or with the provided information that was given through the phone, we will let you know of our quote for your project. From there, you can decide if you would like to move forward with us or not. Depending on the time you decide to reach us, we will let you know how long it will be till your drawings will be complete, it may take a week or even months, depending on the volume of work we have and the complexity of your project.

Once our engineer has completed the drawings for your project, we will then send you the plans to see if there are any changes that need to make to make it perfect for you; this is called the revision process. Once you state that everything in the plans is perfect, you will sign a notice stating that you are satisfied with the drawings that you have reviewed, and no huge changes will be made. Any changes that take less than an hour to do or any comments that we receive from the city, we will be happy to change for you free of charge. If for any reason, you decide to drastically change the scope of work, dimensions or add any changes that may that the engineer more time, additional fees may apply.

After your project is completed, you may now turn it into your local city building. Once the plans are approved by the building department, ORB's contract for services does end here.

Our goal is that you walk out with our plans satisfied to your needs.

Call us if you would like to start your project today!