This month we wanted to take a break from the math and science side of things and jump into the language and arts. Have you ever heard of an acrostic? An acrostic is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or message. These are commonly seen with people’s names where each letter of their name is given an adjective to describe the person. Well, we wanted to try using acrostic for some common terms in our business, look at what we found below!

E- Encouraging the human mind

N- Now take your ideas to a greater height

G- Giving us inventions is the only thing in its sight

I- Innovative ideas are in the line

N- Nothing scientific can go beyond it

E- Engineering needs intelligence a little bit

E- Every day a new Einstein rises

R- Roaring innovative ideas up high in the sky

I- Intelligence is the only thing that matters

N- Now is the time to have a test of your mind

G- Getting all the things you want through science

                                                                                                          -Shubham Verma

E-Exciting things to do

N-Not an easy job

G-Great ideas

I-Independent work

N-Never bored of the job

E-Engineering has never been more fun

E-Engineers are important

R-Really smart

S-Studying science, technology and mathematics

                                                                                                -Thomas HackersRus

While we loved the creative ideas others had come up with, we wanted to try our own for “Structural Engineering”:

S- Scintillating structures requiring new designs

T- Talented individuals entering the field

R- Reliable equations used every day

U-Unerring programs to speed along the process

C- Comprehensive designs to get you off the ground

T-Tremendous effort in each and every project

U- Unique approach to every client’s needs

R- Resilient designs to last you a lifetime

A-Advantageous methods to meet the next deadline

L-Laudable effort from every engineer

E- Effective design for best results

N- Normalized procedures for quick turn-around

G-Gifted engineers with creative ideas

I-Impeccable designs catered to you

N- Novel ideas for innovative structures

E- Efficient drafters for faster projects

E- Empirical evidence used for safety

R- Reasonable rates to not break the budget

I-Intelligent engineers with innovative ideas

N- Noteworthy plans drafted with excellence

G-Great experience from beginning to end!

Try out your own acrostic and share it with us in the comments!

More to come soon.

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