Every business has misconceptions or stereotypical beliefs surrounding them. Engineering is no exception. So what are the most commonly held misconceptions about engineering? Here at ORB, structural is what we do, and integrity is what we are made of. With that foundation, we want to demystify some of the beliefs and ideas surrounding engineering.

Misconceptions about Engineers Themselves:

The common portrayal of engineers in the media is a geeky, socially awkward nerd, who fixes everything and is too smart to interact with the rest of us mortals. While this may be true for some engineers, the majority of engineers do not fit this description. Like most people, engineers come in all styles: introvert and extrovert, socially awkward and social butterfly. While engineers share a common career, that does not limit how they behave in every other part of life. At ORB, we love the diversity of our engineers and all their interests outside of engineering. Whether a baseball lover, gym fanatic, or Disney lover, our engineers bring their unique personality to the job and make an awesome team.

Misconceptions about The Job:

A career in engineering can be seen as very school heavy, without starting real engineering work until much later in life. There is also a misconception that the job is boring and uncreative. This is very far from the truth. ORB regularly hires young engineers who are recent grads to be full-time engineers and college students to be interns. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn in engineering. Under the guidance of our principal engineer, who has over 45 years’ experience in this field, our young engineers can get the experience necessary to have successful engineering careers. Engineering is also the exact opposite of boring and uncreative. Engineers are problem-solvers. Every engineering project requires critical thinking, creativity, and attention to detail.

Misconceptions about The Work:

Engineering can be seen as very math heavy. While math is important, and definitely used by engineers, there are many other skills necessary in engineering. Besides calculations, engineers will have to write numerous reports, so writing skills are very important. Engineers also conduct inspections, so a good deal of field work is to be expected. Engineers must adhere to all the local and national codes and regulations, so continuing education is required. Engineers also perform the construction administration and inspections for the projects they design, as such organization is critically important. While some engineering firms are large enough that each skill listed above is broken down by department, ORB is a small business. As such all our engineers need the skills to work in each area. Whether it is math, drafting, inspections or writing reports, ORB’s engineers handle it all.

Now that you have a better idea of what engineering is REALLY about, give us a call to work on your next project!

More to come soon.

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