When you first hear “engineering” what comes to mind? Maybe its math or trains or large cranes used to construct a skyscraper. In a lot of ways, you would be right. Engineering is related to math, trains, and cranes. There are actually a lot of fun and interesting things that relate to engineering, some of which you may have never heard of before.


  1. According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, engineers are involved in theme parks and water parks. Civil engineers design the water pump system used in water slides. Their designs are what keep you going down the slide using just the water pressure. Structural, electrical and mechanical engineers are also involved in theme park design, from roller coasters to crowd control. They ensure rides are safe and fun while also designing the buildings, roads, and layout of the park. Behind every awesome thrill ride is an engineer’s meticulously thought out design.
  2. Engineers play a critical part in NASA’s space program. Engineers are involved in every step from energy calculations and communications design to materials analysis and structural stability. Engineers are part of the reason space travel is possible.
  3. The word “engineer” comes from the medieval Latin word “ingeniator,” which comes from “ingeniare” meaning contrive or devise. It sounds like the original engineers were known for their creative cleverness and ingenuity.
  4. Some engineering feats have lasted for thousands of years, like the great pyramids. Those engineers knew how to design a durable building. Some other awesome feats of engineering that are known around the world include the Great Wall of China and the ancient Roman Aqueducts. Engineers can make a design that impacts millions of people and the future of engineering.
  5. Engineering is heavily involved in sports. You may not think about it, but an engineer designed your running shoes. Engineers design different styles of bikes to achieve different goals. Engineers even discovered that the little compressions on golf balls can make the ball soar farther.


There are so many other facts about engineering that are interesting and totally unexpected. If there is a fact or area of engineering that needs to be shared, leave a comment so the list can grow.


More to come soon.

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