March is ORB Engineering’s birthday month! In honor of ORB turning 17 years, this blog will cover the history of ORB Engineering.

Our founder and president, Julio Orbegoso has years of experience in engineering and business. He has made ORB the company what it is today. His work for various companies over the course or 30 years, including NASA, Disney, Davy McKee, Badger America and Jacob Engineering, all provide the experience and knowledge he needed to open his own engineering company. The culmination of the past three decades work and experience was the founding of ORB Engineering, Inc. In January of 2000, the company opened its doors to the public to offer a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience. However, when ORB was originally opened, it was also a construction management company as well since Mr. Orbegoso is also a licensed contractor.

For the first three years, ORB Engineering and Construction Management operated as a combined unit. But eventually, the workload of the two different fields was too much to be handled together. As such, Mr. Orbegoso decided to break the engineering and the construction into two separate companies. In March 2003, the ORB Engineering that we recognize today was born.

ORB Engineering, Inc. has been growing ever since. Despite the recession of 2008, ORB has been able to keep up as a small business with the growing demand for structural engineering. The company has grown to include project managers, inspectors, AutoCAD technicians, and support staff to supply the demands of business both locally and nationally. Mr. Orbegoso is currently licensed to practice engineering in ten states and that number is constantly growing. With over forty-five years of experience, Mr. Orbegoso offers the skills and quality found at a large corporate firm with the personalized attention of a family owned business.

ORB is happy to be celebrating 17 official years, 20 unofficial years, since the opening of the company. The best part about being a member of the business community is watching the growth of our hometown, Lakeland, since the early 2000s. Lakeland has had a huge building boom over the past few years and is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the US. That has meant more and more houses, commercial buildings, and general construction. ORB has been thrilled to participate in the design and growth of our community and we are looking forward to the future development to come!

More to come soon.

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