It is hurricane season in central Florida and this past month we came face to face with a massive hurricane right through our hometown, Lakeland, FL. Hurricanes can leave a trail of devastation and can take months to recover from. We want to offer our condolences to everyone negatively impacted by the hurricanes this year.

There are ways to prepare yourself for hurricane season. Very few homeowners know that a very simple inspection can ensure their home is structural sound and potentially even save them money on homeowner’s insurance. A Wind Mitigation Inspection performed by ORB’s engineering staff can offer the homeowner some insight into the construction of their home and, at the same time, provide insight in ways to improve the home to prevent damage caused by wind or hurricanes.  This inspection can show that the house has components designed to limit the amount of damage caused by wind during a storm event. After the inspection, ORB can even help draw up plans to renovate and repair a home to mitigate wind damage.  Another way to prepare is to check out your home for any potential damage that could be worsened by a hurricane. If you see any cracks, mold, water damage, or sinking foundation, get the area inspected before any hurricanes come. An inspection can reveal any underlying damage or issues and provide solutions. It is best to have your home structurally sound before it faces the onslaught of wind and rain.

Of course, ORB Engineering is available to help after a hurricane as well. If your property sustained damage as a result of wind, falling objects, or water damage, ORB’s licensed engineers can inspect the damage and provide plans for repair. It is always best to have an engineer check out any damage before doing repairs yourself since they can test for a greater number of issues and ultimately make your repair less costly and time consuming. Another great reason to have an engineer check out your damage and offer solutions stems from city/county building code requirements. More often than not, the city/county will require repair drawings from a licensed engineer in order to ensure your repairs are up to code and will not cause irreparable damage in the future.

ORB Engineering, Inc. is available and ready to help any who have suffered hurricane damage to get their repairs quickly and smoothly. If you are hoping to get ahead of any future damage, ORB will also perform any inspections requested and provide solutions.

More to come soon.

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