Threshold inspection services requiring a licensed Special Inspector in the state of Florida. Includes including hotels, sport stadiums, warehouses, churches, etc.

Forensic investigations and property insurance inspections including evaluation of existing structures with damage caused by fire, wind, water, termite, hail, and vehicle impact.

Claim-driven construction defect and building code evaluations.

Buying/Selling Home Inspections. Offers peace of mind to both buyers and sellers while certifying the structural integrity of the house.

 Foundation Certification Inspections– For the foundations of manufactured homes. In order to obtain FHA financing, a lender must acquire a foundation certification letter to show that the foundation of a manufactured housing unit meets HUD’s requirements

Litigation and expert witness support. Expert review of engineering and construction documents in order to provide a certified opinion from a professional engineer.

Evaluation of existing structural components and systems for strength and serviceability.

Balcony, Railing, and Stair Inspections – Florida requires that all public lodging establishments that are three (3) stories or more in height be inspected every three years.


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