It has been two years since ORB began a monthly blog on the fascinating ins and outs of engineering. How have you enjoyed ORB’s blog? Let us know in the comments below! Have you ever wondered how we decide what to blog about? Well actually, much of our inspiration comes from other engineering blogs. Below is some of our favorite blogs that we like to read.

This website has many great blogs on a myriad of engineering subjects, including Artificial Intelligence, environmental engineering, and engineering software reviews. Their blog is inspired by cutting edge research and current events. The stories are unique and insightful and a great way to kick back, relax, and learn about engineering.

Manufacturing Innovation Blog

Run by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, this blog focuses on topics such as sustainability, advanced manufacturing, finance, the workforce, and other subjects of interest to the engineering community. It provides great resources for keeping up on new industry standards and trends. This blog is a resource for manufacturers, industry experts and the public on key U.S. manufacturing topics. There are articles for those looking to dive into new strategies emerging in manufacturing as well as useful information on tools and opportunities for manufacturers.


Engineering Ethics Blog

This is an opinion-based blog managed by an engineering professor at Texas State University. Karl Stephan provides his views on subjects from disasters that involve technical matters, movies on engineering issues, and even philosophical and religious questions engineers encounter in their line of work. He addresses the ethics of doing the right thing, which is not just a technical problem.  It has to do with questions like “Who will buy this product? What will they do with it?  Could it hurt anybody?  Was anyone treated unfairly during the development process?”


Wit and Wisdom of an Engineer

Covering the environment, engineering, technology, and economics, there are plenty of posts with detailed infographics, statistics, and engaging content. Drones, politics, AI and even sports are just of the few topics recently covered.



The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) updates this blog regularly with news on new industry regulations, advancements, and trends. The mission of the NAM is to be the voice for all manufacturing in the United States. To inform legislators, the Administration, the media, policy influencers and the public about manufacturing’s vital leadership in innovation, job opportunity, technological progress and economic security. We are a respected and focused partner in achieving an economic environment that encourages the expansion of manufacturing in the United States and strengthens our global leadership.


Take a peek at some of the blogs that inspire us!


More to come soon.

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