Did you know June is national safety month? The National Safety Council heads up this month of encouraging safety both at home and in the workplace. As engineers are heavily involved in the construction business, safety is critically important at ORB Engineering. The month is broken down into four categories of safety: hazard recognition; slips, trips, and falls; fatigue; and impairment. To celebrate and raise safety awareness this month, ORB wants to highlight some areas of safety that must be addressed in engineering.

Safety Codes-local and national building codes dictate many safety measures that must be met in every design. Whether it is fire walls, tie downs, setbacks, or soil testing, the code is there to make sure all buildings are safe for their occupants. The code is constantly changing, being revised to add safety measures as building methods and trends change. As such, engineers must stay aware of the current codes and stay educated on the safest methods of building.

Field inspections-engineers are frequently engaged in inspections at a construction site. As such, all construction safety measure must be adhered to, including reflective vest, hard hat, and work boots. While not all engineers are out in the field, it is still good to know and observe the safety measures that are in place. Construction involves many large and heavy materials, so being safe is the first priority.

Safety engineering-there is actually a whole branch of engineering dedicated to ensuring things are safe. It is closely related to industrial and systems engineering. It ensures that life critical systems behave correctly and assures that other engineered systems are adequately safe. While this branch is dedicated to safety, every branch of engineering is sure to include a “safety factor” whether that means doubling the size of a connection, or adding an extra tie down, engineers are constantly looking to make their design safer.

While engineering has its own safety areas, safety in every aspect of life is important. Leave us a comment below about how you do safety in your field!

More to come soon.

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