It is August and it is hot outside! We thought our readers would enjoy some refreshments to cool off from the blazing heat. So, let us cool you off with the ins and outs of our very cool, refreshed logo details. It all started when we decided that it was a good time to re-brand. We knew that we wanted to choose something that would encompass our strong company values and goals for the future. We are excited and proud to announce this summer our refreshed logo and the significance of our new design.

In the early stages, we thought how would we portray all the values and goals that form ORB. We were stuck on an orb shape to relate with our name. However, when we saw the design options that Brand Nicely put together for us, we kept leaning toward this shape. When you initially see our logo, you see a shape with 6 sides. What is really cool about this is that in a creative way it forms our original design, an orb shape. The shape signifies unity, strength, balance, and communication, which are all qualities our company relates to in an intimate way.

Inside the hexagon shape you will notice there is an arrow pointing upward. That arrow signifies the new direction ORB Engineering is moving in. We are here showing everyone that, despite adversity some years back in the economic downfall, we are here in full throttle and are ready to innovate. We are moving forward. We felt the arrow captured that forward-thinking quality we wanted to incorporate.

The last feature, and coolest from the rest, was indeed the optical illusion within the logo itself. Can’t get any more refreshing than that! If you look at it as a cube shape instead of a hexagon shape you will notice it is also three- dimensional structures in a cityscape skyline. This feature by far is an amazing addition to showcase our company’s values and goals. First and foremost, we are a structural engineering firm that helps build cities and communities. We also use three dimensional renderings at times to develop designs for our clients. As structural engineers, we felt this was the umbrella on the margarita, if you will.

Overall, we had so much fun collaborating and producing such a reflective logo that embraced our values and goals as a company. It was only a matter of time before we settled into the new look. With a different logo, we needed to refresh all our marketing materials (hence the website) along with internal documents for everyday use. It was a process to get here but worth the wait. I hoped you enjoyed our refreshment intake and now you can face the summer heat for a little longer.

Stayed tuned for more coming soon.

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