Sommer Building- Downtown Lakeland


Sommer Building- Downtown Lakeland

Commercial - 03/2016

The three story building was constructed in circa 1920. The building has a gross area of ??approximately 12,285 square feet. The interior of the building was demolished except for three (3) wood columns. New 2nd floor, 3rd floor and roof construction replaced the existing construction that was demolished. A new 4th floor deck was added to the new roof in the south east corner. A new elevator was constructed along the south wall and new stairs were introduced in the north west and south east corners of the building. This project was for a retail / commercial combination space, also an assembly / residential combination space.

ORB provided services including site visits, evaluation, Response to Building Plan Examiner, Signed and sealed drawings.

The purpose of the inspection was to assess the condition of the building and determine if the current renovations meet code.

We provided Fire Resistance Ratings of Structural Members to include Columns, Ceiling / Floor assemblies, new Ledgers and Truss Protection.

We provided the design calculations and the required footing dimensions for the new HSS Column. The design of the new HSS column is a modification to the existing truss. The truss was not designed to be installed with this HSS column and incorporating a cantilever. We provided engineering calculations and a signed and sealed letter from the truss manufacturer clearly indicating this design is acceptable

Provided the LUS46 Simpson cut sheets and the engineering calculations of the pre-engineered floor truss loads for this connection.

Provided details of the ledger attachment into the existing masonry wall (epoxy for bolts).

Provided details of the ledger attachment into the elevator shaft (Fire rated epoxy for bolts).

Provided designs for Bolt issues, connection to exterior walls, fire rating / proofing