The Hay Exchange


The Hay Exchange

Industrial - 02/2017

Design services provided in 2017 for multiple areas of a 53,000 SF combined industrial and commercial space. Provided inspection of the relocated 50-feet x 30-feet x 16-feet existing building. Structural evaluation of the concrete slab foundation to determine if the main footing structure is structurally adequate after relocation to the current concrete slab.

Project include oversite of foundation work performed by a concrete finish company (Level Line Concrete, Inc.), and the live load (LL), dead load (DL), and wind load (WL) reactions were performed by a premanufactured steel company (Florida Pre-Fab, Inc.). Provided design to account for variable subsurface conditions, regardless of whether the maximum allowable foundation bearing pressures have been fully developed.  Established that exterior footings should be at a depth of 12 to 18 inches below the final exterior grade. The deeper depth reduces the potential that adjacent excavations or erosion may occur. Design included frame re-design, reinforcing steel, pier design, and foundation design.