ORB Engineering Services

Specialty Services


Specialty Services


As a full-service structural engineering firm, ORB Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive planning, design, analysis, and inspection services of structures for clients in the residential, industrial, commercial, educational, institutional, and government markets. We perform in-house coordination with civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firms as well as architecture firms.

ORB is also certified to provide engineering services for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) and fully licensed in applications for energy saving, fire-resistant and  sustainable design. 

ORB also offers specialty services, some of which are listed below:


  1. Strength and Serviceability Evaluation of Existing Buildings
  2. Condition Survey of Existing Buildings
  3. Failure Analysis Reports and Evaluation
  4. Structural Repair, Retrofit and Renovation Design
  5. Solution to Construction Problems
  6. Consulting Engineering
  7. Concrete Shoring and Formwork Design
  8. Residential and Commercial Inspections
  9. Threshold Inspections
  10. Value Engineering
  11. Forensic Engineering
  12. Building Code Interpretation     
  13. RFI and Submittals
  14. Expert Witness Testimony
  15. Florida Product Approval
  16. Flood Resistant Design
  17. High Wind / Seismic Resistant Design
  18. Building Component Design and Repair Design (EWP, Wood Trusses, I-joists, Structural Composite Lumber (eg LVL, LSL, PSL), Glulaminated Lumber, Light Gauge Steel or Aluminum)
  19. Precast and Pre-stressed (Pre- and Post-tensioned) Concrete Design and Repair Design
  20. Tilt-Up Concrete Design, Lifting and Bracing Design