ORB Engineering Services





ORB Engineering has an assortment of tools to help analyze a structure and gather data. These tools perform a diverse array of tasks and are an essential part of providing structural engineering. The data gathered is used in calculations and designs to assess and ensure the stability of a structure and guarantee all applicable building codes are met.

Thermal Camera - Thermal cameras can be used to detect moisture anomalies within building materials. They can also be used to detect penetrations (leaks) around windows and walls and for detecting grouted and un-grouted cells in masonry walls.

Digital Gas Altimeter - The digital altimeter is a floor elevation study tool to assist in analyzing the levelness of a floor. Can be used to detect areas of settlement or structural movement.

Digital Spirit Level - The digital spirit level is used to evaluate the levelness/plumpness of structural elements, such as a wall or header.

Steel Reinforcement Locator - The steel reinforcement locator is essentially a metal detector used to check for the presence of reinforcement in concrete.

UAS Drone - This drone is used to evaluate areas of a structure that are not easily accessible by ladder. For example a roof surface of a house or commercial building or roof framing inside a large warehouse.

Digital Moisture Meter - The digital moisture meter is used to determine moisture levels within building materials such as wood and drywall.

Crack Monitors -The crack monitors are used to detect width changes in cracks over time.

Borescope Camera - The borescope camera is used to look inside walls and other small concealed spaces to evaluate structural and framing elements.