It’s been almost a year since ORB has rebranded and introduced its new design to the world. It is now time for the company to take another big step and dive into the world of social media. So just why is ORB choosing to get onto FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter?


There are many reasons an engineering company such as ourselves wants to be on social media. It is a great way to connect with current and future clients, build relationships with other companies in our field, and learn about new and exciting opportunities. We can post updates about our current projects and provide pictures of completed structures to highlight the skills of our engineers. Facebook is a great platform for sharing stories about complicated projects we addressed with innovative solutions. LinkedIn is excellent for connecting with other engineering, architecture and construction firms to build stronger connections and provide a better service to clients. Twitter will allow us to have a conversation with potential clients in order to address their needs and recommend solutions.


We hope to be able to branch out and reach more people and companies in order to provide excellent and affordable engineering. Because Structural is what we do. Integrity is what we are made of.


More to come soon.

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