Throughout 2019, ORB has had quite a few employee changes. As a result of the growing business in both engineering and construction, we have lost some employees to the private contracting business but have also gained new young engineers to assist with the growing workload! At the beginning of this new year, we want to say a fond farewell to those no longer with ORB and a bright hello to our new members!

Spencer Abram left ORB in 2019 due to opening his own contracting business, Trousdale Construction. His company took off in the best way, but that meant he was too busy to continue his drafting with ORB. Spencer is a New York native and graduated from Polk State College with a degree in Business Administration. He started at ORB Engineering, Inc. back in the beginning in the early 2000s as a drafter. He left for a few years to pursue a career as a contractor. After opening his own business, he returned to ORB as a project manager in 2018. Spencer handled many of ORB’s design projects while also working on his construction sites for Trousdale. His experience in both engineering and construction made him a great asset to the team. Thank you for all you’ve done, Spencer, and best of luck in the coming year!

Jesus “Mike” Molina joined the ORB team at the beginning of 2019. Mike handles many of the design aspects of the structures for ORB’s customers. Hailing from Venezuela, Molina has studied Industrial Design Engineering for two years, and is continuing the experience here in the United States. Molina enjoys working with a team of professionals and who are passionate about every single job that comes to the team. His goal is always to try his best to make a happy customer and get some smiles. He plans to keep growing and learning in the engineering field. In his free time, Molina is a fitness lover, but, as he puts it, “it’s impossible to stop loving food, my apologies.” We look forward to working more in the future and hope you reach all your engineering career goals!

Jared Riness was hired in 2019 to assist with the growing workload over the summer. With so many jobs coming in, ORB needed another engineer to design, draft, inspect, and report. Jared is a recent graduate of Florida Polytechnic University with his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a great fit with the ORB family. He currently works with Mr. Orbegoso to provide calculations, and reports of inspections to customers, and provide analysis using RISA. Riness interned with Stihl USA before coming to ORB Engineering and volunteers with White Thorn Events in the Lakeland community. He hopes to obtain his PE in the near future. His “eager to learn” attitude makes him a great intern and a huge help with all projects. In his free time, Riness enjoys just about any outdoor activity or sport including fishing, baseball, hockey and soccer. Welcome aboard, Jared!

In the coming year, we hope that the business continues to grow and expand and allow even more young engineers to join the team. ORB always strives to provide the best service, and a huge part of service is the people who work here. Our engineers are always willing to go the extra mile to get your project done on time and with the most economical prices. Want to get to know the team better? Give us a call with your next engineering project!

More to come soon.

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