This year, ORB’s hometown held their 2nd Annual Big Event in Lakeland, FL. The Big Event is a chance for local businesses, artists, and trades to show off their goods and the people of the community to have a good time. There was live music, entertainment, and nearly 100 booths each spotlighting a unique business in our community. ORB was thrilled to have a chance to participate. We set up our booth in the early afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the day watching the live entertainment while telling our neighbors the benefits of structural engineering. We also passed the time handing out ORB colored M&Ms and playing Giant Jenga.

To anyone who did not get a chance to head out to the Big Event this year, check out our pictures or our booth and team. Feel free to give us a call for more information on what a structural engineer could do for you. Or stop by our office to chat about your project and pick up one of our free pens, notepads, magnets or stickers we were passing out at our booth. The Big Event may be over, but we would still love to see you and assist with all your engineering needs. Be sure to put the Big Event on your calendar for next year so you can play Giant Jenga with us too!

More to come soon.

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