Engineers and architects work closely with each other to design buildings and other structures. While many of their tasks overlap, there are distinct differences between architects and engineers. The architect leans towards certain characteristics, such as artistic, creative, and theoretical thinking. The engineer takes on other qualities, including precise, mathematical, system building.

The architect is interested in the appearance of the structure, whereas the engineer is primarily concerned with the safety and functionality of the structure. The engineer may review a design from an architect and then figure out which materials to use and how to safely construct the building the architect has envisioned. However, engineers also do their own share of designing. Architecture focuses more on the spatial functionality and aesthetics of the development work and is more concerned with the artistry, look, feel and functionality of the design. Engineering concentrates on the structural elements of the design, making certain that the structure can endure normal and extreme conditions.

Another key difference between engineers and architects is that architects usually design buildings, whereas engineers might design a larger variety of things, including machines, roads, or bridges. Engineers and architects also have different specialties. An engineer might specialize in civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, industrial, sound, or chemical engineering while an architect might specialize in building design and development, urban design, landscape architecture, city planning, graphic design, and interior design.

In a nut shell, both architects and engineers are involved in the design and construction of a building, however they tend to focus on different facets of the job. The architect focuses on the aesthetics of the building, including its appearance and function. An engineer oversees the implementation of the design, determining what is physically possible, what materials will be used, and how issues of practicality and safety will be resolved. While both architects and engineers can work without the other, the two jobs usually go hand in hand on larger projects, helping to bring a design to life.

ORB Engineering provides design and drawing services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We work closely with many architects to design and build structures around central Florida and the greater Southeast area.


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  1. October 10, 2019

    Architects are girls because they give priority to beauty of design of building

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